Are you ready to play the game?

Most of you will agree that games are fun. They relieve us of your stressful jobs and duties and entertain us. But while being a popular activity for leisure and entertainment, they can be beneficial as well!

I’m sure that most of the players that played Myst do have a logical mindset. Those good at fps gams, should have good instincts and reflexes. And let’s not forget those mmorpgs, where in most cases you need to develop your characters in a persistent universe and watch the economy,  in order to be able to prosper.

So choose your games wisely…

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Looking back

There are many occasions in our life, where we often feel tired of our modern life. Sometimes we like to dream about ourselves in a fantastical setting :

” What if we lived in this world/place/age?”.

We turn to our history books and see that there was actually a minor period of happiness back then. There was no complex government, no difficult jobs and no complicated everyday things. People lived without the complexity of an advanced knowledge They lived only to sustain themselves, their family and to be able to purchase whatever is necessary for their well-being.

In our complicated days, many times we wonder, if it would be easier to live in a few centuries earlier. This is a proof that the dream of the time machine still lives..

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I seriously think that a lot of people (including me) don’t really take too much time or thought on daily concentration. Every morning, when you wake up you should take at least one minute of your precious time and think of something that you wish to accomplish today. Maybe you have an important lesson, then go and take a lot of notes. Research your studies and be well!

If you are working, maybe you can help create an alternative way of solving your problems. The logic is not to be the same everyday, but try to be more creative in your everyday life. That would make create variety in our lives, thus helping ourselves relieve the stress and boredom. It takes only a little time and the results can be truly remarkable

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I would like to express my opinion about Androgyny. This is entirely my own opinion, I know that some people may disagree with this.

First let me explain the etymology of the word.It comes from the Greek  άνδρας(man) and γυνή/γυναίκα(woman), which together forms ανδρόγυνο.

So what does it really mean? I have come to the conclusions that there are a few different explanations and outlooks, so let’s start with the first.

  1. An individual of a certain gender, that possesses physical characteristics,typically attributed  to the opposite gender. These people in most cases are not with an alternative sexual orientation, they simply enjoy the body image, that they naturally possess.
  2. A middle position, between a traditional body image and a trans gendered one. For example a person, who doesn’t enjoy his own body and would like to create the physical characteristics of the opposite gender, may find himself in this position, while his transformation is ongoing.
  3. Cross dressers – this does not instantly mean a transvestite. There are a lot of heterosexual people, who cross dress as a hobby(cosplaying).

Being an androgynous person, means to enjoy your body image, without having the usual discomfort. It presents an open mind and a progressive destruction of traditional gender role stereotypes.

*Photo found on flickr.

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Education can be found mostly anywhere. It’s basically the simplest form of transferring knowledge and skills between two people. It gives us abilities,skills,knowledge and a point of view for a certain subject or matter, in a specific way. Education is vital to our survival, since it teaches is the means of living a life, in it’s most basic cases.

For example how to make a fire, how to properly make your own clothes, the arts of cooking,music,medicine,etc. It’s always good to acquire new knowledge in different fields, and the wonderful thing is that you can do that in numerous ways. Primarily it is done by courses,university degrees(for advanced studies), but it can also be acquired via the Internet for example, if it’s something more theoretically-oriented.

It is natural for us be curious about our surroundings. By learning about ourselves and our world, we can acknowledge our place in the universe, as a species worthy of having Planet Earth

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Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

Today the newest version of the Ubuntu Linux Distribution is going to be released! This is a free and pretty popular distribution of Gnu/Linux, which is finely tuned to be easy for casual and new users of this operating system. I have been using various distributions for quite some time now and find Ubuntu to be the perfect choice for a lot of people.

It represents openness,community,sharing and all those good things, that we would want from the virtual world. It’s free,fast,secure and above all fun!

The new  release should hit the servers in a few hours 🙂

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Life Philosophy

This is probably the alpha and the omega of all the questions in the world. Why do we live, what is the reason for life and what should we do?

According to me, there is no simple answer and to be more accurate, there may never be. This is probably on the top ten of the most subjective questions. It depends on your views,perspective and many times on your current state, at the tame of your answer.

So why do I live? I can provide not one, but several main reasons. Of course this list isn’t complete, but as I said, this is how I feel at the moment. As the question is quite relevant to my life experience, these answers can change over time.

  • Knowledge – Life itself contains a number of mysteries. We are not sure about a lot of things in our reality, we cannot just ignore our surroundings. We must seek to understand ourselves and everything around us
  • The care for Humanity – It’s simply a tragedy that in our age, there is still a lot of people suffering. Diseases,wars,thought slavery and hunger are still a reality. This can be fixed!
  • The care for Nature – Planet Earth is our home. Ever since we began to evolve and better ourselves we have done it without caring for the environment. Sadly there is no way to completely reverse Nature’s state to it’s original form, but we can try!
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