As we live in a global and dynamic world, even from our early childhood we are already socially integrated into our local community. We learn to identify ourselves with various groups, in order to accurately describe our tastes and beliefs. These groups may be both big  and small and include our nationality,music taste,food preference,religious views and others.
However we do this with caution. If we too strongly identify ourselves with a certain group, we may be labeled as a “stereotype”, and if we only physically resemble, say for example a certain youth subculture, we will be labeled as “posers”.
On the other hand not identifying ourselves with a group will award us with the label “social outcast”. So…balance is the key

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2 Responses to Perception

  1. JeffR says:

    It’s funny how that works. Eventually, though, some realize that it holds them back from living their life, and those people are called leaders.


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