Life Philosophy

This is probably the alpha and the omega of all the questions in the world. Why do we live, what is the reason for life and what should we do?

According to me, there is no simple answer and to be more accurate, there may never be. This is probably on the top ten of the most subjective questions. It depends on your views,perspective and many times on your current state, at the tame of your answer.

So why do I live? I can provide not one, but several main reasons. Of course this list isn’t complete, but as I said, this is how I feel at the moment. As the question is quite relevant to my life experience, these answers can change over time.

  • Knowledge – Life itself contains a number of mysteries. We are not sure about a lot of things in our reality, we cannot just ignore our surroundings. We must seek to understand ourselves and everything around us
  • The care for Humanity – It’s simply a tragedy that in our age, there is still a lot of people suffering. Diseases,wars,thought slavery and hunger are still a reality. This can be fixed!
  • The care for Nature – Planet Earth is our home. Ever since we began to evolve and better ourselves we have done it without caring for the environment. Sadly there is no way to completely reverse Nature’s state to it’s original form, but we can try!
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5 Responses to Life Philosophy

  1. Howard says:

    Good post.

    I know, personally, why I decide to live: my family … but, in general, humans live to attempt to answer unanswerable questions like, “why do we live?”

    Not everything has a reason, don’t waste time trying to find one.

  2. Kymlee says:

    Wonderful post. I agree with you.
    We are definitely here to learn, and by obtaining that knowledge, we allow ourselves to help others by imbuing that knowledge (life experience) in them as well. I believe this with all I have.

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