Education can be found mostly anywhere. It’s basically the simplest form of transferring knowledge and skills between two people. It gives us abilities,skills,knowledge and a point of view for a certain subject or matter, in a specific way. Education is vital to our survival, since it teaches is the means of living a life, in it’s most basic cases.

For example how to make a fire, how to properly make your own clothes, the arts of cooking,music,medicine,etc. It’s always good to acquire new knowledge in different fields, and the wonderful thing is that you can do that in numerous ways. Primarily it is done by courses,university degrees(for advanced studies), but it can also be acquired via the Internet for example, if it’s something more theoretically-oriented.

It is natural for us be curious about our surroundings. By learning about ourselves and our world, we can acknowledge our place in the universe, as a species worthy of having Planet Earth

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