I would like to express my opinion about Androgyny. This is entirely my own opinion, I know that some people may disagree with this.

First let me explain the etymology of the word.It comes from the Greek  άνδρας(man) and γυνή/γυναίκα(woman), which together forms ανδρόγυνο.

So what does it really mean? I have come to the conclusions that there are a few different explanations and outlooks, so let’s start with the first.

  1. An individual of a certain gender, that possesses physical characteristics,typically attributed  to the opposite gender. These people in most cases are not with an alternative sexual orientation, they simply enjoy the body image, that they naturally possess.
  2. A middle position, between a traditional body image and a trans gendered one. For example a person, who doesn’t enjoy his own body and would like to create the physical characteristics of the opposite gender, may find himself in this position, while his transformation is ongoing.
  3. Cross dressers – this does not instantly mean a transvestite. There are a lot of heterosexual people, who cross dress as a hobby(cosplaying).

Being an androgynous person, means to enjoy your body image, without having the usual discomfort. It presents an open mind and a progressive destruction of traditional gender role stereotypes.

*Photo found on flickr.

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