Looking back

There are many occasions in our life, where we often feel tired of our modern life. Sometimes we like to dream about ourselves in a fantastical setting :

” What if we lived in this world/place/age?”.

We turn to our history books and see that there was actually a minor period of happiness back then. There was no complex government, no difficult jobs and no complicated everyday things. People lived without the complexity of an advanced knowledge They lived only to sustain themselves, their family and to be able to purchase whatever is necessary for their well-being.

In our complicated days, many times we wonder, if it would be easier to live in a few centuries earlier. This is a proof that the dream of the time machine still lives..

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2 Responses to Looking back

  1. Summer S. says:

    This post hit me to my core. I do think about centuries past- and if life would have been easier then. It’s just like…… gosh. 🙂

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