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Are you ready to play the game?

Most of you will agree that games are fun. They relieve us of your stressful jobs and duties and entertain us. But while being a popular activity for leisure and entertainment, they can be beneficial as well! I’m sure that … Continue reading

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Looking back

There are many occasions in our life, where we often feel tired of our modern life. Sometimes we like to dream about ourselves in a fantastical setting : ” What if we lived in this world/place/age?”. We turn to our … Continue reading

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I seriously think that a lot of people (including me) don’t really take too much time or thought on daily concentration. Every morning, when you wake up you should take at least one minute of your precious time and think … Continue reading

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I would like to express my opinion about Androgyny. This is entirely my own opinion, I know that some people may disagree with this. First let me explain the etymology of the word.It comes from the Greek  άνδρας(man) and γυνή/γυναίκα(woman), … Continue reading

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Education can be found mostly anywhere. It’s basically the simplest form of transferring knowledge and skills between two people. It gives us abilities,skills,knowledge and a point of view for a certain subject or matter, in a specific way. Education is … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

Today the newest version of the Ubuntu Linux Distribution is going to be released! This is a free and pretty popular distribution of Gnu/Linux, which is finely tuned to be easy for casual and new users of this operating system. … Continue reading

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Life Philosophy

This is probably the alpha and the omega of all the questions in the world. Why do we live, what is the reason for life and what should we do? According to me, there is no simple answer and to … Continue reading

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